MARY MUNNELLY- Ballycastle

I found out about Mary’s dressers from another woman back in May 2015. Although the dressers were not in someones kitchen they were an integral part to Mary Munnelly’s business, her cafe and restaurant. She sourced the main dresser locally in 1997 when she opened her business and it is a centerpiece of the cafe. It came from about 3 miles away and she had it dipped and some touch up work done on it. There was a 6 inch mark in the wood over the drawer when she got it and decided to leave it as it was, rather than patch it up. She seems to think the previous owned would have created this mark by banging or rubbing something against the wood. Like in so many cases the dressers were also used to hold screwdrivers and tools as much as they did knives and forks. This was certainly the case when they were moved from the kitchen to the sheds, where they took on another lease of life as workstations and storage for paint and tools. The dresser does not stand alone in the cafe as it is surrounded by an unusual mantelpiece which was made for a family member back in the 1820’s. The other dresser was sourced about three years back and she doesn’t seem to have any further information on this one. It does have kick/shoulder at the top like those I’d seem in the Belmullet area.

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